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Google Shopping

The Benefits of Google Shopping

With a well built and optimised product feed, you can expect to enjoy the full benefits of the Google Shopping platform.

PPC Performance


The UX of Google Shopping engages better with customers as it's targeting products. This will help increase the click-through rate on your Ads and in addition lower the cost per click.


Maximising ROI

Shopping Ads are designed to target users looking for your products. Given the high relevancy of Ads being displayed in front of the end user increases the return on investment.

Google Shopping

Optimised for Mobile

Product visibility on mobile is enhanced over traditional PPC ads with the dynamic carousel at the top of the page containing up to 20 products.

PPC Revenue

Higher Sales Performance

Shopping Ads drive more traffic from long-tail keywords which in turn, generates larger sales revenue.

Product Feed is key

Implementing a Google Shopping Strategy


Box Checking

Ensuring your website complies with Google Shopping policies including; SSL certificate, delivery and returns policies, prices displayed with correct taxes etc.

Merchant Account

Ensuring your merchant account is setup correctly with an approved product feed whilst uploading delivery times, delivery fees etc.

Product Feed

Creating the best possible product feed from your website catalogue. Maximising the product's meta data and using supplementary feeds to enhance performance.


Building Ad assets that will make an impression and convert users into customers.


Structuring campaigns by profitability of products and any beneficial groupings; seasonal, gender etc.


Regularly optimising your product feed and assets to deliver maximum returns on investment.

No Long Term Contracts

Don't worry, you won't be tied down to a long term contract other than the initial 3 month onboarding period which then moves onto a rolling contract with 30 days notice. Fees are also fixed so you won't see any fluctuations month to month.

Let’s See Some Results

From day 1, I’m looking to deliver tangible results weather it’s leads, bookings, sign-up’s or, sales.

Google Shopping


PPC Revenue After Month 1

Google Shopping


ROAS After 3 Months

Google Shopping


ROAS After 5 Months

What My Clients Say…

Gareth has helped take our online marketing to the next level. He is very helpful and forward thinking. The work Gareth did for us during lockdown boosted sales at what could have been a very worrying time for the business.

Nick RuddManaging Director, Clear Cool

Gareth really went above and beyond to deliver a professional and profitable experience. He worked closely with us to reach our target and goals.

James WasleyBusiness Owner, BEORGAN Gloves

Gareth has helped us gain traction in a competitive market place. Gareth has many ideas on how to drive our business forward using PPC. Would definitely recommend.

Helena RuddMarketing Director, Sherlock Amusement Sales

It was a pleasure working with Gareth and will most definitely continue working with him as projects grow.

George SocratousDirector, Mr Gentleman

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